Marienland International SIA

Marienland International is a service company specialising in internationalisation services for small and medium sized enterprises. We help companies to expand their businesses to new markets and to take full advantage of the business opportunities in Latvia’s stable, business-friendly and modern business environment. Our services include business consulting and international business development as well as company registration services and company restructuring in Latvia and other selected countries.

Comprehensive & flexible expertise

Our strengths lie in international business expertise as well as flexible and convenient handling of business affairs. We respond to our customers’ needs quickly and take care of assignments with a strong international experience and specific expertise. We also collaborate with an extensive network of competent and trustworthy partners.

We serve all industries, all sizes

Our customer base includes companies from a wide range of different business sectors and of all sizes. We help our customers to expand their businesses and make their companies more competitive. Our services are also used by a diverse range of business owners, entrepreneurs and their families.

Take advantage of the opportunities in Latvia, in the EU region and other selected countries

Latvia is the financial centre of the Baltics. It offers international business and capital a competitive environment and well regulated financial markets.


Latvia is an EU Member State and a financial centre to the European economy with a combination of political, economic and legal stability, a competitive position in the international business environment, as well as a strong pan-European property and investment protection.

Latvia's banking and payment system is stable and the banks offer all-inclusive packages of products and services. Banks provide the business clients with a personalised and cost effective service. There are 29 banks operating in the country, including representative offices of foreign banks.

Latvia's financial markets, standardised with the EU markets, are well developed and regulated. For example the corporations, that are starting a financial, investment or a payment transmission company in the EU area can apply for the required license in Latvia.

Latvia's geographical location at the crossroad of transport routes, ports, logistics centres and railways is just ideal. Latvia is situated at the crossroad of the East and the West, where the international business environment is running smoothly in English and Russian languages. The country has a functional and modern infrastructure. Educated and multilingual workforce is well accessible here and the local wages are very competitive.

Latvia belongs to the Schengen area. There are flight connections to Riga from all over the Europe.


Marienland International offers a comprehensive and high quality service portfolio to help companies to gain competitive advantage in international business.

scalesIncorporation services

Marienland International handles all business related statutory measures for company registration. We also take care of the required bank account. If the company's business is subject to license, we will assist your company with application process... Read more »

safeBank consulting

Marienland International has close and confident bank relationships in Latvia and several countries and we can help you to choose the right bank for your business purposes... Read more »

certificateCorporate services

The core business of Marienland International include all-inclusive services concerning company registration and corporate management, as well as company restructuring and consulting... Read more »